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Michael Kelsall

Wow, the image looks great, it will be a great place to work and dine. I'm excited!

Ben Merrill

We are looking forward to David's new venue. We are excited that he has decided to move towards a more cosmopolitan take on his own vision of what a restaurant should be. Hopefully the professionalism needed to downtown dining, something that was a bit lacking at Lauro, will draw the crowds that he deserves in a setting that we all hope will bring him much accalim and a bright future in Portland dining circles.


looks a bit pricey, but yummy nonetheless. good for downtown crowd with a biz account? Is that a dying breed?


Yummy- can't wait! And, actually, noticeably less expensive than some other restaurants downtown...

queen artoeat

this is a beautiful classic menu. nicely balanced, a menu hard to pick from because there are too many excellent choices.
can't wait!


Really looking forward to the opening of Nel Centro. The menu looks great. This is a perfect compliment to Portland's new modern boutique hotel!

Marion Heestand

How about an entree for vegetarians? We live across the street and will be there often if we can eat normally...

Stacie C

why can't you just make a menu most people can read? It scares people away.

Richard Pelletier

Thanks for all your comments. Marion, the menu is based on cuisine from Nice and Genoa and while that is not a menu that leans vegetarian, there are some nice things you could eat...those pastas with basil pesto or walnut sauce and the Swiss chard might be an option. There are going to be some great salads too.
Stacie C. We sure don't want to scare people away, but we are big devotees of this particular cuisine because it is so delicious.
Rotisserie chicken is fairly straightforward, no? Come on in and have a drink and we'll talk it over. Thanks for visiting the blog and for your comments. Keep 'em coming!
The Nel Centro blog guy,
Richard Pelletier

Lorraine Harmon

My friends and I just got back from the 1st "test" lunch and the food was fabulous. We had the tuna carpaccio, mesclun salad, trenette with basil pesto, rotisserie chicken w/ bread salad, and the daube beef with spring vegetables and fried panisse. Everything was excellent. I'm looking forward to going back and trying the rest.

Richard Pelletier

Thanks for your comment Lorraine. Glad it went well for you. I'm about to head over for dinner. Stand by for a review.

Richard Pelletier

I could say a lot but all I'm going to say right now is this: have the Halibut.


Is there a happy hour menu and price to be?


I'm with Thomas!! While the Days Inn might not have been the classiest of places, us folks across the street have been waiting anxiously for the arrival of a new happy hour to bring our business to, and it doesn't appear that there even is one?? Please tell me I'm mistaken! :)


Just catching up with a few posts...
In response to Stacie C's comment: "why can't you just make a menu most people can read? It scares people away."
What is so scary about Nel Centro's well thought out menu? There's something alluring about keeping the menu consistent with the cuisine of Nice and Genoa. Would you ever dream of telling the Lebanese guy that owns your local Mediterranean joint to alter the menu to be more "American friendly" just so you can better understand it? Do you get scared when you go to a Greek or Ethiopian restaurant and aren't sure of the menu items? If ever I have a question about a particular dish or its ingredients at ANY restaurant, I ask the server. They should be trained to help describe the dishes and let you make an informed decision about what to eat. If I am feeling particularly adventurous, or if I am traveling in a foreign country and I don't have any idea what I am ordering, I'll go with an obscure dish and find that is when I am usually the most happy with my meal. Have a little sense of adventure and try new things or educate yourself by asking more questions of your dining staff.


I am with Marion, I am surprised not to see a single vegetarian entree on your menu. I am vegan and I work downtown, and very few sit-down restaurants in the area offer anything I can eat. I'd love it if you would consider a more inclusive menu.

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