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May 20, 2009


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Gary Everest and Michele Vagnerini

Congratulations on opening a fabulous restaurant. We had dinner there on Thursday evening, May 21st. The mussels were great, as was the tuna carpaccio. We next tried the ravioli and trenette al pesto. Both were just delicious and perfectly prepared. For the main course, Ligurian seafood stew and chicken. Again, both dishes were pleasing visually, as well as, tasting great. Finally, for desserts we chose the ricotta fritters and chocolate souffle. Superb, by any culinary measure. We were particularly happy to see reasonably priced house wines and generous pours. Thanks for a truly fine dining experience.

Gary Everest and Michele Vagnerini

We love the decor of, "Nel Centro", too. The patio seating and fire pits were spectacular. We chose to eat inside, in the perfectly lit, quiet and beautifully appointed dining room. We could actually carry on a conversation without yelling across the table! Our waiter, Enrico, was charming and most professional. Our meal was perfectly paced and we never felt rushed. We couldn't be more pleased to have such a fine establishment in our neighborhood.

Richard Pelletier

Thank you Gary and Michele. Glad you enjoyed the restaurant and we hope we see you often.

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From picture of your hotel room it is clear that it have capacity of more that 150 people. It is nice place for family occasion. Very nice!

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Amazing restaurant. I will definitely go there to take something to eat. Make my day, thanks.

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Wow nice place! Restaurant are clean and organized. I will go there and take something to eat.

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